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A Quick Fix Without Plumber

Different Ways to Stop a Leaking Shower

There is nothing worse than seeing your shower or tap leaking and then turning into a swimming pool. Such issues may sound common but when occur can really prove to be a huge disaster for your home. When encountering these problems, all we think of is a plumber or anyone who can fix such messy home repair problems for us.

Though while finding out for the best shower repair in Gold Coast or any other region of the world, you may get bombarded with endless options, then going for the right one is all that proves you wise.

And other than hiring a shower repair professional from Brisbane or any other place, all you can do is possess some plumbing skills so, you always have a solution to your plumbing necessities.

Most of the people see washer changing as one basic method of fixing showers or taps. But only a rare majority of people know that there are other methods too. Here’s a list of methods which can help you get rid of dripping shower or taps.

Take a look-
  1. Unclogging shower head – Start with switching off the water supply to properly locate the problematic region. Then remove the head faceplate for a better fix. Now, fill the sink with white vinegar and a pinch of salt. Let this water remain in the sink for good 8 hours. This will dissolve the waste or blockage in no time so you can get rid of excessive leakage.
  1. Replacing washer – Here all you need is to remove the shower head, take out the damaged washer and then replace it with the old one. This one is a quick and effective way to get rid of the leaky shower in no time. Most of the people prefer going for this solution as it’s the easiest way & doesn’t require much technical knowledge.
  1. Malfunctioning valve – For this one as well, you need to switch off the water supply. Usually, the malfunctioning diverter valve can be fixed only by cleaning it but for better and reliable results, it is always better to go for replacing it with a new one. Just unscrew the faucet, remove it carefully. As there is a cap on it, you can use a sharp knife to remove the same and take out the diverter valve easily.
  1. Replacing cartridge valve – Even after replacing the diverter valve, if you still encounter leakage then it’s the time to change the cartridge valve. For this, you need to stop the water supply first. Then remove the faucet which will ultimately disclose the cartridge stem. Then take out the damaged or leaky cartridge valve and install a new one. Fix the faucet again & you are done.

These above-mentioned methods are quite easy to perform and don’t require much technical knowledge. For this, all you need is to have primitive plumbing tool kit which is easily available in the market and the right knowledge to operate these tools.

The final word-

Getting rid of plumbing issues is no wonder a technical work to do so having the right skills and a toolkit is what you always require. These techniques can work well only when you hold necessary knowledge.