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Restaurant: 1 stop shop at Petra Equipment


Restaurant: 1 stop shop at Petra Equipment

Making and serving food is always a good business. As a result, several food-related services mushroomed in many locations. However, catering services remain a viable business opportunity because of its flexibility, volume and efficiency. People who are planning for weddings, parties and events with 30 or more guests often opt for the convenience of hiring a caterer.

If you are planning to start a catering service or an existing owner who want to upgrade their catering equipment, Petra Equipment promises a one-stop shopping experience for all you catering needs.

For more than 25 years, Petra Equipment has established a solid foundation of quality, reliability and product excellence. They have been known as one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen equipment contractor. They provide design for your food business, estimation, manufacturing and installation of cooking and kitchen equipment, depending on your need.

If you are looking for quality catering equipment, check out Petra Equipment’s lineup.

Catering equipment

Bain Maries

Be it a sauce bain marie, grill with dripper, single pan, double pan, pan with cover or pan without cover, Petra Equipment offers all the commercial bain maries you would need. Their top picks are the Roband and Woodson brands. These makers offer long life usage for bain maries and customers find their products very easy to use. If you have no idea what to buy, you can schedule a meeting with a representative of Petra Equipment. Still unsure, you can hire a bain marie for a minimum weekly rental fee.

Charcoal Chicken Machines

Who would say no to charcoal-cooked chicken? You can bring charcoal machines on your catering venue with the help of Petra Equipment. Choose from over 20 types of available charcoal chicken machines. From small to large charcoal spit to charcoal chicken rotisserie, you will surely find the right machine for your need. Visit their online shop or drop by their warehouse to talk to one of their machine specialists.

Coffee Machines

No catering is complete without coffee. Unlimited coffee has been a staple of many caterers especially if they are hosting a business meeting or corporate event. With over 40 types of coffee machines to choose from, you will find the right coffee maker or espresso machine that is suitable for your catering service and budget.

Combi Ovens and Steamers

A good combi oven steamer is a caterer’s indispensable partner for baking, roasting, braising, blanching and poaching. All these cooking methods can be done in just one unit. At Petra Equipment, you will find all brands of combi ovens. With 175 items on-stock, you will find the combi oven that will be the most busy equipment in your catering lineup.

Commercial Dishwashers

Caterers had to wash hundreds of plates, glass wares, silverwares, cutleries and pans after every event. Often, catering services happen one after the other. Investing on a good commercial dishwasher will help you clean up the dishes and get them ready for the next event. There are more than 120 items to choose from. Check out their online store and warehouse to know more.


How many kilos of chicken, fries and other deep-fried foods do you need to prepare for an event. Deep-fryers are one of the hard working catering equipment. Make sure you buy quality brands like: Frymaster, Dean, Blue Seal and Goldstein. These are the best deep fryers for air frying, grilling and deep frying.

Food processors

You need to cut, dice and chop fruits,vegetables and other ingredients quickly and efficiently. You will want to have a fast performing food processor to do the work. There are 83 food processor models to choose from. Check out the volume capacity and number of blades if you want to get an efficient food processor.

Hot Plates

Petra Equipment offers benchtop and free and hot plates. Standard widths include 600, 900, 1200 and 1500mm. If you are looking for affordability, they recommend getting the new Fuoco hot plate F4GBS gas model. If you are looking for quality, long-term investment, opt for the Garland GF36 – G36T. Still undecided, there are 69 hot plate models to choose from.

Pizza Ovens

Whether steel or stone base, Petra Equipment has the right pizza oven for you. If you want benchtop or floor standing types, choose from 102 models available online and in the warehouse.

Spiral Mixers

Pastries are staple in every caterer’s menu. If you want to have good and delectable cakes and breads, invest on a quality dough spiral mixer. Petra Equipment recommends the Fimar Spiral Mixer for 12 to 38 kg finished product weight and the Fimar Spiral Mixer or the Berto FBF80 80 kg spiral mixer for 80 kg baked products.

At Petra Equipment, our goal is to get you started on your business as soon as possible. Visit our online store or drop by our warehouse. We will be happy to talk to you and discuss your catering equipment needs.