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Effective commercial deep fryers

Find out the top 3 deep fryers for the Australia market

Commercial deep fryers

  1. Frymaster has been recognised for a long time one of the top brand for commercial deep fryers. They have a full range with different options and most of all they last for years. Every models come with 2 years warranties. We recommend you to buy at Petra Equipment as they do have a special deal with the manufacturer for the Australian market.
  2. Goldstein is another powerful brand, they have a strong share market in Australia and they do have a range of gas deep fryer. Goldstein owned Eswood, a leader in the commercial dishwasher segment. Their Eswood dishwasher SW400 was in the top 3 best seller for commercial dishwashers.
  3. Blue Seal has been on the market for a while. Their manly manufacture their equipment from New Zealand, they are a bit more affordable than Frymaster and Goldstein.eswood-sw400-smartwash-professional-under-counter-dishwasher

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