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Roband Bain Marie

Reliable, effective & affordable commercial bain marie in Australia

Roband Bain Marie

Roband equipment has been on the market for a while. Since 2012, they are the main brand for bain marie with a price slightly below the market. Their price are still more expensive than Apuro but Roband quality is higher. With more than 45 bain marie in stock, Petra Equipment is known are one of the major dealer of the brand in Australia. We recommend the Roband BM2 Bain Marie for small kitchens and the Roband  bain marie  BM14A for food display.

All Roband bain maries come with 1 year warranty and they are electric. You can alternatively get larger bain marie model made for shop and food display on the food hot bar section on Petra Equipment website. The company sell and ship across Australia.

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