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Baby Bibs for a Clean Meal Time

Benefits of using feeding bibs

However, babies, when dressed up properly, look the most adorable thing on the earth but at the same time, this beauty gets ruined once you see it’s their meal time. Feeding a newly born is tough as nails, especially when your infant is quite naughty and doesn’t like to have food.

As per a survey, hardly 10% of the babies love to have food and the rest of the proportion is one of those who turns into troublemakers especially while getting fed. For every mother, the biggest concern or challenge is to feed kids without messing up the baby’s clothes. To make it easier than you ever imagined, bandana bibs have become the basic necessity of feeding naughty kids.

Let’s start with understanding the concept from the scratch.

What is a baby bib?

It is more of a cloth portion which is used to avoid food or water spilling on the baby’s clothes. Hung around the neck of the baby, a baby bib now has become the must-to-have option for every baby before feeding them.

In case, you have been unfamiliar with the leverages of using dribble bibs then here are a few reasons that let you understand the value of this tiny baby care product.

  1. Skin rashes- Before you let your baby wear this, make sure that s/he is comfortable wearing it. And try not to tie it hard otherwise it may give skin rashes or unusual breathing problem to your little munchkin.

  2. Food wastage- There will be times when your baby won’t be in the mood to have food. And how you’ll get to know about it? Well, s/he will start spilling out the food here and there. Along with food, your baby may start to throw an excessive amount of saliva.

  3. Cloth staining- When your baby starts to throw enormous saliva, it will stain the baby’s cloth. The stains of saliva and spilled food leave stubborn stains on the neck of the t-shirt or any other top. Wearing a bib can prevent all such factors.

  4. Affordable product- This product is easily available in the market. Or if you aren’t willing to spare money for this purpose then it can be stitched in no time. For this, all you need is have a cotton cloth and a few stitching skills.

No doubt, at present the market is completely flooded with countless baby bib options but it completely depends on you whether you go for a wise option or not. Experts suggest that one should always go for quality product entrusted by renowned brand name to ensure better safety of the baby skin.

The final word-

Baby bib is quite a common baby care product which is easily available in the market. And if you are one of those mothers who are extraordinary conscious about your little one then show your skills and stitch a bib for your kid. This is the best thing you could do to save a few bucks and keep your baby safe in every manner.