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Washrooms That Define Luxury

Here Are The Top 10 Luxury Public Washrooms in The World

There was a time when washrooms were considered as a place where you go, get fresh and come out. But now things have changed a lot. And what’s the reason? Well, apparently it’s modernization which has shown its impact on just on our lifestyles but also on the secret corner of our homes and that’s washrooms.

Apart from a necessity, now these are considered to be a style statement. Be it a male disable toilet sign or classy sanitary bins, you can find countless innovative options for each and every toiletry.  So, let’s check out some world-widely recognized washrooms that have become more of a popular tourists spot. Take a look.

  1. The Invisible Outlet – Enjoy staring others while getting fresh & witness everyone’s reactions on this wonder invisible outlet that has a mirror finish.

  1. Dagobert Toilet Throne – A talking bathroom where at the time of lifting the lid, you’ll listen ‘Le Bon Roi Dagobert.’ This is a washroom designed in the honour of a French ruler named- ‘Dagobert’ & it’s designed quite historically.

  1. The Vertebrae – A single vertical spine installed with a fully furnished bathroom including- adult size and kid size shower, toilet and a sink. It is the coolest washroom that you’ll ever see anywhere.

  1. The Dolce and Gabbana Gold Bathroom – Witness how it feels when a king or a queen use their washrooms. You can actually feel the same being in this royal bathroom which has giant mirrors, marble flooring & counters, and a beautiful golden colored interior. This public toilet is located in Milan, Italy.

  1. The Bottomless Bathroom – A terrifying bottom view is waiting for you in PPDG penthouse in Guadalajara, Mexico. The interiors are impressively designed to allure the public and enjoy their loo while finding out the bottom of the bathroom.

  1. Egg Toilets – London’s ‘Sketch’ restaurant is renowned for its egg toilets where you can enjoy your loo time with ear soothing music and great ambiance.

  1. The Self Cleaning Restroom – Just enter, use it, come out and the washroom will be self-cleaned within a matter of 30 seconds. Yes, that’s for real! This smart washroom is situated in Sanisette, Paris.

  1. The Loo with a View – Who would not love to get fresh staring at a refreshing view in front of you? Well, that sounds more like a dream. But this dream can be fulfilled by visiting 76th floor of Washington’s Columbia Tower where a transparent glass gives you a mesmerizing view.

  1. The Eco-Friendly Bathroom – Making the world greener, this eco-friendly bathroom has everything to sooth the environment as well as serves all your necessities. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Urban Ecology Center, this bathroom uses only rainwater and other toiletries are made with biodegradable substances.

  1. The Retractable Toilet – This one is no lesser than a lizard that hibernates in the day and comes out once the sun sets. Situated in Europe, these retractable toilets are present in a park where one has to go to the basement to pee & in the evening, the toilet itself comes up to let you urine easily. This has been constructed by Dutch Company named- Urilift.


Making washrooms a style and class statement, these washrooms have registered themselves as the coolest place to hang out as well as get fresh. Since their construction, these have been maintained quite well thus is considered to be the most recognized public washrooms all over the world. These have been constructed with a motive of promoting sanitization and upgrading your lifestyles. Even many house owners have constructed exact replicas of these washrooms at their houses.