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The 10 top shares to buy in financial year 2018

The 10 top shares to buy in financial year 2018

Investing in shares can sometimes be a gamble whenever you want to make money from stock exchange. However, when you have information about shares, you will be able to make a choice on the ones that you can buy during a financial year to get the highest returns. Here is an overview of the top 10 shares on stock exchange to invest in 2018 if looking for higher returns on your investment:

1. Abbott Laboratories (ABT)

Abbott Laboratories is a global and diversified healthcare company with focus on medical products, nutritionals, diagnostics and established pharmaceuticals. Abbott had a higher EPS in the year 2017 that is expected to grow during the year 2018. Many investors expects their returns to be offering a 6.7 percent of dividend yield making it among the best shares to buy.

2. Alphabet (GOOG)

Alphabet is a holding company that owns Google. Since Google generates revenue mainly through vending advertising through Google Maps, Google Search, and YouTube, they had an investments totaled to $85 billion. Today, the stock trades at rate of 19.3 that times the estimated of CY17 EPS. With the trend, you can be sure that you would get the best results in the year 2018.

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