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Chess Boards

Chess Board Games online at Gamesparadise 

The game of chess dates back some 1500 years and in all that time, it has evolved tremendously. Chess is a serious game of ability and skill. We strive to provide a variety of quality chess boards, sets and accessories. Whether you’re new to the game or you’re an experienced player, we have something for you at Gamesparadise.

The average chess board has 64 squares that alternate between dark and light colors. A chess board can also be used for playing the game of checkers. We offer chess boards made from wood and combination materials along with boards that have a magnetic feature as well. In addition to offering boards made of varying materials, we also offer themed boards and chess sets. Some of our themes include abstract strategy, ECO friendly, educational, fantasy, medieval and placement.

On Gamesparadise, we carry chess boards and sets made by top manufacturers such as Jackpot, The Puzzles and Games Specialists Australia and Kasparov. On our site, there is a chess set that can fit anyone’s budget with prices ranging from $59.95 to $763. We also carry the Dal Rossi Italy Chess Table with pieces that are weighted 95mm!

Find Any Type of Chess Boards

Looking for a specific type of material for your next board? We have got the board for you at! Our range includes chess boards with a shiny carbon fibre finish, mahogany, walnut, metal/combo and event boards that are custom made from sea fossils like corals and grapolites. 

Some players prefer a lighter and smaller board while others like to have storage availability along with the chess board. We have chess board options with and without storage available. You can get chess boards in sizes such as 10 inch, 12.5 inch 15 inch, 16 inch and more! 

In addition to chess boards and sets, we also carry an analog chess timer made by The Puzzles and Games Specialists Australia in dark wood color for the great price of $86! Another type of product that we offer is chess and backgammon and chess and checker combo sets that run all the way up to 16 inches in size.

One of our top products is the stunning Dal Rossi silver and titanium chess set with a carbon fibre chess box. This set is well priced at $381. This chess board set is 20 inches in size and will ensure that you have both adequate play area and an excellent playing surface. Another product that we have that is equally great, but unrivalled in its uniqueness is the Onyx chess set sea fossil. This is not a board that has storage, but you are sure to have fun with this board as it is created from sea elements such as corals, pulmonates and grapolites. We offer the Onyx chess set sea fossil in both red and black colors. When it comes to this board, we like to point out its uniqueness and while you are sure to receive a one of a kind board, remember, it is just that! Each board might vary from the board pictured on our website due to the variations in the natural materials used. This top quality board is skillfully handcrafted.


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