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Magic Cards

Test Your Skills with the Magic Cards Strategy Game

Gamesparadise, a popular online developer of boards/cards/puzzles-based strategy games, is on the path to mega stardom! That’s because their Magic Cards strategy games keep evolving and expanding to card game styles that we’ve never seen before, and some of the card games are even based on popular movies, TV shows, best-selling novels, comic books and anime. Who wouldn’t want to play Magic Cards and try to outsmart your opponents in either a landslide victory or winner-takes-all high stakes close call battle?! Winning is not the best feeling in the world, no, far from it; winning against insurmountable odds is THE best feeling you could ever feel! 

The various Magic Cards games from Gamesparadise are designed to give you that kind of high that’s not found elsewhere.

Magic Cards Game Titles

I’m sure you’re a fan of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Yugi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, Doomtown and many others. You’ve seen the movies, the TV series, the animated films/TV series, read the novels and other media – you are a hardcore fan. Now, with Gamesparadise’s Magic Cards games, you get to be the hero in the very franchise you’ve worshiped all your life. Plan a strategy based on the card’s attack and defense, card effects and special Magic Cards to outwit your rivals and come out as the victorious player. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to play as Daenerys Targaryen? Or how about Jon Snow or Eddard Stark? Or why not Bobba Fett or Darth Vader? Now there’s a game to die for!

The Strategy

Gamesparadise’s Magic Cards games are nothing new, in fact, it is somewhat borrowed from the world phenomenon board game, Dungeons & Dragons (for which other board and card-based strategy games were also based on). Later on the Japanese companies Shonen Jump and Konami partnered to bring the Yugi-Oh manga/anime to the world stage as a premier Magic Cards strategy game that also became a global hit before Magic the Gathering replaced it. The strategy is quite similar for most Magic Cards games and there are character-based cards which has attack/defense points, there are also Magic Cards, spell cards, field effect cards, etc. Your character cards play offense and defense and your special activation/Magic Cards serve as trap in order to cancel and/or repel any attack back to your opponent.

Pricing and Delivery

Gamesparadise’s Magic Cards vary in pricing and some are sold at $16 AUD, others are sold at $24, $77 and $179 respectively; but each Magic Cards set is an adventure in itself waiting for you to discover. Gamesparadise sell their products primarily in Australia and if you order online and you’re in a metropolitan area, then shipping should only take between 1 – 3 days. If you also order more than $89 worth of products, then shipping will be free, but for all purchases under $89, the shipping charges will be $11.95. For non-metropolitan areas purchase orders must be $200 and above to get free shipping and for purchases less than $89, shipping fee will be slighly higher $13.95. Their partner couriers are the best in Australia and they always deliver on time.

So, if you’re itching for some awesome Magic Cards games lately, then go to Gamesparadise website and place an order of your favorite card game immediately!

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