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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride was das Spiel des Jahres 2004

Ticket to Ride is the great successor to the game ticket to ride USA and like almost all other games from Days of Wonder, it really is a game you can enjoy for hours on end.
The Game gives you are an opportunity to travel Europe on train and experience what Europe looked like at the turn of the century from 1899 to 1900. You will even see Istanbul is called by its original name Constantinople.
Trains has always been a fascinating object to many people, and here you have trains, travel and board games combined in one fun recreational playful game that will give you and your family hours of fun and laughs.
When you are playing this board game you are travelling between the major cities of Europe and you are trying to claim the different routes between these cities as yours.
You do this by collecting cards that match the color the different lines going from city to city has, it is a game of skill combined with good luck. Your point score will increase as you combine train lines going from city to city and the longer the unbroken line is, the higher a score you will have.
You can also try and claim a destination by connecting cities through your trains and getting an even bigger collection of winning points.

How to play Ticket to Ride

Each turn players will have to decide if they want to claim a route, take another destination ticket, maybe add train cards to their hand or place a train station.
You will continue playing until one player only has 2 train pieces left and the you will count out the score and he one with the most points is the winner.
Ticket to Ride is a game that you will have no problem learning, it will actually not take much more than maybe 5 to 10 minutes and then you are playing the game without any problems.
When you look at all the different components of the game then you will see many fine details, all the pieces on the board looks like real trains and the pictures and illustrations used are really in a special quality, giving a realistic view of the train ride back in the day.
Looking at this game you will find many of the elements that will make it exciting for all players, it has a huge element of strategy game and it also contains the element of chance that makes it fun for all people.
You are able to play this game from the of 8 and up, and it is fun and educational for all.
The games will not set you back a lot of money and when you think of the hours of fun, then it is only a few cents an hour you will have to pay.
You do not have to have any previous knowledge of the previous game in this series to be able to play it and you will definitely find it amusing and fun to play no matter how old you are.

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