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Great Leader- Leads From The Back

Top Five Killer Qualities of a Born Leader

Leaders are neither created nor destroyed, they come and influence or change the way others around them think and perceive. And, inject a sense of self-belief and self-confidence in them. Whether it’s politics or MNCs’, a good leader is what makes the difference. To lead a skilled team, a capable leader is always required.

Before we go any further, it’s fundamental to know what a great leader does-

A good leader not only instructs his or her team though any business venture but also promotes an understanding of unity within the pool of professionals he or she is administrating. That’s significant because someone, who order the squad to do this and that can be a boss, but a great leader is one, who knows and understand the pros and cons of every member of the group.

Read till the end as here we have listed top five killer qualities of a born leader:

  • Self-Belief and Confidence– The biggest trait of a good leader is that he or she instils a sense of confidence in every individual of the team through a clear vision, showing empathy, and being a strong leader. He shows the right path & tells how to be confident even in your low times.
  • Decisiveness– Once they have decided on something, good leaders execute. If and buts are don’t become stumbling stones in their road to success. And, since they are decisive, their team also get the license to put in all their efforts, with no mind dilemma. Stop Procrastinating & be an inspiration for your team. They have great determination with their decisions, no backing up, even if things are not going the right direction. Their clear mindset helps them to focus on their ideas, and no distraction forcing them to think about the failures. The decisiveness of a manager shows commitment, which is a high quality in demand by all section of the society.
  • Passion– The greatest attribute of good leaders is the passion they have for their work- they exhibit bundles of passion and energy,- and this trait inspires and motivates members of their team to go that extra mile in filling their allocated tasks and take part in business ventures.
  • Humility– Confidence and decisiveness are two important characteristics of any leader, but what makes a great leader is his or her humble character; the power to listen and pay heed to what the diverse individuals in their team have to say. Great leaders have exclusiveness about them, they admit their mistake and are ready to own the blame as an opportunity to learn and grow in the world of corporate.
  • Responsive to Their Team’s Needs– Great leaders are perceptive in their attitude, which facilitates them to know the needs of their team. The secret of building a good team is by incorporating values in every member of the group as well as knowing what they want from their leader.


These five excellences are just a glimpse of what composes an outstanding leader, there are much more such as vision, courage, better strategic planning, and focus.

Incorporate these factors in your personality to grow old with a leader’s quality.