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Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings from Touch Fashion Store

Stud earrings are the style of earrings made by small components that just fits the ear piercing and do not swing. This type of earrings is attached with its post than the hook. That is why the earrings are fit to the ear. Any materials can be used to make this kind of earrings. Also, the size may vary accordingly.

Touch Fashion has one of the best studded ear ring collections on the net, all beautifully crafted at an amazingly reasonably price that you can’t really get anywhere else. They come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colours, making this site the perfect collection for finding stud earrings to go with any one of your outfits. Whether you are thinking of attending a formal event, or just going to brunch with your favourite Aunt, there selection fits every occasion.


Our wide Range of Stud Earrings for everyday

The cubic crystal Stud Earring with Swarovski Crystal Navy are incredibly well-made with a beautiful design that would fit anyone’s daily outfit. It comes with 18k White plated gold and a Swarovski crystal and it shockingly only is priced at $17.99, making it an affordable yet well-made accessory to add to your jewellery box.

Another stunning piece is the Silver swan with pink crystal. Everything is gorgeous about this earring, from the beautiful swan designs to the nicely crafted Swarovski crystal imbedded into it. It is plated with Rhodium and is a nice way to show yourself off at any appropriate event that you can think of. It even goes great with a daily outfit. This piece is for only $26.99

The Silver Star Fish white Earring with Swarovski® Crystals earring is an absolutely sight to look at it. It is beautifully made with silver Rhodium plating, a Swarovski crystal, and made with medical stainless steel – for those of you with allergies to certain metals, you don’t have to worry about it infringing on your daily wear. Another stud that can go with any outfit, and it is a very popular daily wear accessory.

The Diamond Crystal Stud Earrings that is priced at $15.99, comes in many different colors; yellow, pink, blue, red, purple, green, orange, black and clear. Everything about this earring screams eloquence and it’s not hard to see why. It is amazingly made with Sterling Silver and an astounding Swarovski element crystal. This is perfect for any day, or if you’re feeling like looking a little snazzy on your day-to-day or at the office. Touch Fashion has even went as far as to carry a matching necklaces that goes with any earring, so you can stand out in the crowd. 
The necklace features the beauty of the earrings and the entire set makes the complete look of the one who wear the set of the jewellery.

Perfect for either a formal getaway or your daily routine.
As you can see, touch fashion is the go to place for all your stud earring needs. Everything surprisingly affordable, well-made, and ready to be shipped the second you click that button. It’s hard to complete with their beautifully crafted product and great selection.