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Furreal Friends

FurReal Friends from Hasbro

FurReal Friends Toys from Hasbro are realistic plush animals that respond to touch and simple commands in a different way. Some can move, dance, light up, and even make sound effects. Your child can have their own FurReal pet, and these adorable soft pets will take care for your child. Our enormous assortment goes from Pugs to Unicorns and FurReal Friends Penguins. There will be always a favorite toy to find for your child. You can go online and order one of the Fur Real Toys which are on big discount from

FurReal Friends Unicorn

One of our latest FurReal Friends Star is StarLily the Magical Unicorn. Her front leg moves and she can sit, stand, and lies down. StarLily can even move when she hears music! She has a beautiful mane and tail – and she loves it when your child braid them so they look extra fancy.


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