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Little Tikes

Little Tikes Toys

Age range: 1- 5 Years
Manufacturer: Little Tikes
Country of origin: Hudson, Ohio, USA

Little Tikes Toys are your child’s friend when it comes to making sure your child knows sports. Little Tikes is all about the outdoor toys for kids that makes a child active. Little Tikes caters for the children who need to have a little fun and movement and ensures this by providing well designed toys and equipment. For those who wish to slowly and expertly introduce your child to the world of sports, then Little Tike is your safe haven. Little Tikes Australia ensures your child is not only healthy and strong through physical activities but also ensures that your child is happy with the items that it produces. 

Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set is an item that will slowly and gradually ensure that your child knows about soccer and eventually through the normal fun activity it provides, it also ensures that the child has fun altogether. For quick introduction into basketball, the Attach’n Play Basketball and Little Tikes Clearly Sports Baseball are perfect for it. Little Tike caters for most of the sporting activities such as golf with its TotSports Grab’n Go Golf, bowling with its TotSports Bowling Set and T Ball through its TotSports T Ball Set. With its simple naming convention, Little Tikes items are very easy to identify with. It sells what it says. A Grab’n Go Golf definitely introduces a child to the ways of golf easily and the same applies to all other items that Little Tikes Australia offers. 

So with these toys, Little Tikes ensures that your child is always exercising and good exercises translates to good health as well. So not only does it inspire the children to pick up sporting activities in a simple and fun way, it also encourages children to feel happy.

Little Tikes Ensures Creativity

Little Tikes is always catered in terms of creativity by offering toys that produce music and sound. These two components in toys also encourages harmony and a sense of pleasure when used by children. Toys such as Tap a Tune Xylophone produces wonderful music and encourages the children to understand music in the simplest of ways, by teaching them how to do it. Tap a Tune Drum also teaches children to drum and at times invoke a sense of curiosity from the child- curiosity that can make them learn and enjoy. Little Tikes also goes a long way in promoting arts, imagination and creativity through their role play toys such as Doctor Set, Cook n Grow BBQ Grill and the Gas n Go Mower. So apart from teaching vital life skills, they make them enjoy it too. 

Little Tikes prizes itself in development of a child from an early age. This is possible with the 4 in 1 Trike which ensures that your child can cycle at a very early age without having to worry. So as the child grows, the trikes can grow with him. The 4 in 1 Trike can be separated into 4 different trikes and these can all be modified. So Little Tikes is just pure creativity encompassed to ensure that children can have fun at an early age while still learning a few skills along the way. 

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