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Starrett- Company Profile

Whether it’s the tool manufacturing or the mechanism world, the standards have gone to another level for sure. The reason is high usage useful tools which have become more of highly preferred helping hand for almost every mechanic or technician you see around you. Resulting, we get to witness end number of tools manufacturers in the market. And one of them is Starrett.

Let’s figure out more about this brand name.

Starrett- An introduction

This brand has become a name which is renowned for proffering all your needs for a string of measurement tools. How? All of their determined services and peerless products range. At present, the offer a wide spectrum of tools including- electronic gages, gage blocks, dial indicators, multi-sensor measuring tools or systems, optical measuring projectors, M1 lubricants and much more.

A number of recognized brands prefer to use Starrett products over other brand names and this is enough to let people know about their quality products.

History of Starrett-

Unearthed in 1880, Starrett is one such brand name which was initiated as L.S. Starrett Company by wonderful efforts and unique ideology of Laroy Sunderland Starrett who was a fortunate businessman and inventor. His determined efforts and incredible ideas converted Starrett into reality from dream. Initially, he started with a sliding combination square, bench vises, shoe hook fastener, tapes, micrometers, calipers, steel rules, dial indicators which have turned out to be a great reason for a successful start to the business.

In the starting of 1878, Laroy came up with his first ever independently invented sliding combination square which was introduced later with some smart improvisations. When this factor somehow showed positive results in the upbringing of the business, he (Laroy) decided to presume his work operations in the same manner. And eventually, in 1880, an exclusive and improvised phase of measuring tools was amended to the entire collection.

In order to grow the business, a couple of years ago, this brand name established a brand new branch in Australia as well. And in no time, Starrett in Australia became a recognizable name. Apparently, due to which, we get to see Starrett mechanical tools being used in almost every second mechanical shop or industry.

Present Starrett-

The current phase of Starrett is quite impressive to look at. With almost 2,000 employees, this American manufacturing company has won millions of heart all over the world, especially in Australia. Presently, they are having different branches all over the world including- China, Germany, Brazil, UK. Among all these sectors, according to static reports, Brazil is at the top when it comes to the percentage of sales.

Keeping in mind its reputation and brand recognition potential, in 2006, Starrett purchased Tru-Stone Technologies Inc. by paying off a hefty amount of $19.8 million in the form of cash.

This one factor somehow helped Starrett to grow and expand its brand appreciation all over the world. To this, the business received a number of partnership proposals which led to a great brand awareness medium for the business.