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Commercial coffee machines

One critical aspect to consider before buying a coffee machine for the restaurant, cafe of for any hospitality businesses is by first determining the size of the business and business needs.

Commercial coffee machines

A perfect result in making of coffee is dependent on a number of factors. First, one has to be keen as to select the very fresh of coffee beans. This is because fresh beans will give the coffee a fresh aroma and the right taste of flavor.

Coffee Machines Size

wega coffee machine

Wega coffee machine

One critical aspect to consider before buying a coffee machine for the restaurant, cafe of for any hospitality businesses is by first determining the size of the business and business needs. In this regard, a bigger restaurant is likely to have a more demand for coffee. Also important to remember is the brewing frequency. This is not a worry though because Commercial coffee machines come in various sizes.

Among the factors used to determine the size of a coffee machine is by establishing the number of coffee cups, the machine is able to dispense in a day. This is known as the cup\day ratio. Where the business is large, ne should consider going for a commercial coffee machine with a high cup/ day ratio.

Further, depending on the brewing frequency of the business, one may choose to purchase a coffee machine with more group heads. A coffee machine with one group head will make 2 cups of coffee at a time while a 2-group coffee machine will make 4 coffees at the same time. To this extent, coffee machines have up to 5 groups head to choose from. The more the group heads, the more cups of coffee one can make in one instance.

Another factor, to consider is the material used in the construction of the machine. To this extent, stainless steel construction and aluminum are the most trusted material. This material are more trusted in coffee machines due to their ease of cleaning and the fact that they are less like to be damaged by intense heat. The Boema D-2V15A Deluxe 2 Group Volumetric Espresso machine has a full stainless steel back and operating funnel.

Coffee Machines BrandsBoema Coffee Machine

Further, brand choice is quite essential in selecting a commercial coffee machine. Another factor to consider before purchasing a coffee machine is the brand. In the kitchen industry, taking a gamble on the performance of a machine is not prudent. Brands that have been around for a while are better because they have been tested and proven. Further, reputable brands, come with long periods of guarantee such as a 12 months warranty for parts and labor. For instance, Boema commercial coffee machines have a warranty of one year. Boema brand is a coffee machine manufacturer that was established in 1956 and therefore a trusted brand.

A good water filtration system is Water filter is another factor to consider. Though water may look clean, it is rarely 100% clean. The purity of water will depend on several factors such as ones region. Certain regions tend to have more salty water than others do. To this extent, Salts are one of the minerals contained in water that make the water impure. Other minerals that are contained in water are magnesium and calcium. With a good filtration system, such minerals are filtered and therefore do not enter the coffee. In the event such minerals enter the coffee, the coffee taste is altered and so is the aroma.

In addition, water filters fitted in the coffee machine helps to prolong the life of the coffee machine. This is because the water filtration system helps reduce the chances of breakdowns that are causes by scale development. The Boema D- 1S10A Espresso Machine 1 Group Semi Auto for instance is designed with the AX5-TS triple action water filter for better filtration.

Moreover, consideration of the boiler size, capacity and performance is essential. A bigger boiler size means that there is more steam power steam power and hot water for making the coffee. Such a boiler can therefore supply enough steam and hot water for making many cups of coffee as compare to a machine with a smaller boiler. To this extent a 2 group coffee machine with a 11 liter boiler capacity such as Boema Package Deal 2016 model is ideal for a medium volume restaurant while a 3 group commercial coffee machine with a 20l boiler capacity such as Boema BCM.200.X1.3 Conti Coffee Machine is ideal for a high volume restaurant.

Finally, depending on the number of milky coffee you need to make, one might want to go for a coffee machine with more steam wands. A steam wand in a machine heat the milk and also create a range of milky coffees such as cappuccino.. An example of a coffee machine with the 2 steam wands design is the CAFFE CCW1V101A 1 Group volumetric.

At Petra Equipment, one will find over 40 models of commercial coffee from the most trusted brands such as Boema, Isomac and Wega. The machines feature the most advanced of technology in a coffee machine to give the excellent coffee making results. The coffee machines are available for purchase and rental in our warehouse or through visiting our official website, that is,

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