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Air Fryers- For Healthy & Oil Free Cooking

Top 3 Reasons for Explosive Popularity of Air Fryers

Agree or not, it is a matter of truth that we all humans strive throughout our lives just to earn our daily bread and butter. Though different individuals may have diverse priorities, the ultimate goal is three times platter jewelled with scrumptious dishes and taste-buds pampering treats. Henceforth, the reason, why amidst electronic and digital revolution, the kitchen appliance manufacturing industry is scaling new peaks of innovation.

A popular, modern-lifestyle kitchen good, the air fryer cooks by enveloping the food with hot air. In this appliance, a mechanical fan is fitted to evenly circulate the hot air at a high speed, thereby giving that crispy layer via the Maillard effect. Nowadays, most of the advanced air fryers have present its operator the luxury to adjust temperatures and also comes with a timer knob for the precise cooking.

Here, we will gander at some of the prominent reasons which allowed air fryers to gain immense popularity and become an everyday cooking necessity:

Lower Fat and Less Intake of Calories

Want to stay fit and healthy this winter season? But, still hooked to fatty and oily finger chips? If that sound familiar for you, then get an air fryer to enjoy your favourite fried food without breaching the code of a healthy lifestyle.  Several eminent global studies and reports have proven that food fried in an air fryer is low on oil and has fewer calories.  In other words, when you take the cooked stuff out of the fryer that food is still crispy and smack, unlike soaked in oil in case of traditional frying. Many top health institutes claim that an air fryer utilizes 80% less oil compared to traditional deep frying. In short, 80% fewer calories and less trans fat intake.

Say No to Frying Mess

Having an air fryer occupying one corner of your kitchen is a no-brainer; use it whenever the hunger pangs strike a chord with your cerebrum or when the children and hubby demand for some evening snacks. Admit it or not, oil splatter from deep frying is often frustrating and messy to wipe down. Additionally, it utilises a large amount of oil, which ultimately has a toll on your monthly grocery bills. Best air fryers, on the other hand, uses much less or no oil, in short, no oil spills and no wastage of cooking oil.

Fry in No Time

A survey, a year back said, the reason most of the single Americans hesitate to cook their daily food solely owing to their busy schedule, which prevents them from spending at least 30 minutes in the kitchen to whip up the dinner. Are you too confronting the same problem? The, buy an air fryer for yourself, as it cooks French fries and other delectable food in less than 10 minutes. What’s more, you don’t have to stand near the burner watch over a pot of hot oil and doing the frying by self.

At the end of it all, air fryers are not only a household appliance but also increasing average income for the people in the restaurant business.