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Hand Dryers- For A Convenient Bathroom

How Hand Dryers Are Better Than Paper Towel Dispensers ?

Adopting new technology has become more of a trend than just upgrading your lifestyle. No matter it is about carrying a new Smartphone or installing any new equipment at your office or personal place, technology has left its impact everywhere, even it hasn’t spared our bathrooms from its touch.

Usually, while visiting any hotel, restaurant or office, we often see hand dryers or stylish commercial paper towel dispensers which serves a purpose and adds to the interiors of the bathroom as well. Whether it is a hand dryer or paper towel dispenser, both are used to cater to the same purpose of users but somehow work differently, of course.

To efficiently dry the wet hands, people often choose hand dryers over paper towels. For some reasons, it is even wise to go for hand dryers rather than tissue papers. To make this concept much clears to you; let’s find out why you should keep hand dryers at priority than paper towel dispensers.

  • Better efficiency– As per some experiments, it has been observed that hand dryers are pretty much efficient in drying your hands within a matter of 30 seconds only. And on the other hand, paper towels may take a longer which is why; people often go for installing JD Macdonald hand dryers in Australia to attain better efficiency in lesser time.
  • Saves you from the mess– Usually, after using paper towels, users don’t throw it properly in the bin. This is quite common, especially in the public toilets. In order to get rid of this unnecessary mess, hand dryers are a better option, relieving you from the used tissue papers thrown all over the floor. With this, you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment but also have to hire all time sweeper to keep a check on it. And, of course, his salary will add a lot to your expenses.

  • Add value to interiors– Paper towel dispensers are not found much attractive as compared to hand dryers. As the dispensers are required to be installed with a heap of tissue papers, so these are usually in large size as according to hand dryers. Whereas, modern hand dryers are sleek & flamboyant.
  • Tissue paper can’t be recycled– The quality of tissue papers available in the market is quite diverse. And, most people prefer the cheapest one among all. This may save your few bucks but such tissues cannot be recycled after use which is a huge damage to the environment.
  • Refilling is not required– For a paper towel dispenser, just fixing it on the wall is not enough. You need to fill it every day with a clump of paper towels or may be after 5-6 hours (if used excessively). And, if we look at the hand dryers, this is really not the case with them. All you need is to install it, switch on the electric button & it’ll work fine for countless years to come. The best part about of a hand dryer is that it doesn’t consume much electricity.

So, the next time you’ll think of renovating your either commercial or domestic bathroom, make sure to bring install a hand dryer rather than fixing an old school paper towel dispenser on the wall.

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