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The Love of Australia for Kaftans

Why Australian Love to Wear Kaftans?

Australia has been in the great limelight for fashion, beaches, the best wines and yes how can we forget those ugg boots. Apart from all these, there is something else which has made Australians head over heels with this new trend. And what’s that? Well, it’s Kaftans.

Yes, at present and for a long time, Kaftans are ruling the fashion world in Australia. Undoubtedly, its trend has made the world go gaga on it but there is something special about Aussies who somehow define a unique sense of wearing Kaftans. With every passing decade, the style of wearing Kaftans has been changed. And this has shown a great impact on the sales of Kaftans dresses in Australia. Making it almost a brand, Kaftans have become a common yet a classy dress to wear.

Originally, Kaftans also known as a lavish overcoat came from Morocco and earlier to this was worn by the legendary Emperors. This piece of cloth was considered to be a sign of royalty and at present, it is the best way to drape you comfortably that too in a contemporary style.

Among the whole world, Australia accepted Kaftans whole-heartedly which is why the sales of Kaftans online in Australia rose by a whopping margin. Though there were countless reasons behind it but, it was Camilla Franks who became the focal point of this bandwagon.

For those who are not much interested in fashion world may do not know who Camilla Franks is. She is a designer who belongs to Australia and has been inspiring Australians to come up with unbeatable dress sense. Her sense of wearing Kaftans has made her truly a fashion icon and yes a trend-setter too.

Currently, she is running her own online store where you can find out countless designs and prints of kaftans which are rocking in the fashion industry. With her influence and impact, even many American celebrities like Katherine Kelly Lang have started following her. Not only this, for Camilla’s incredible print designing and the style of carrying Kaftans, Katherine said- “Camilla is amazing, she is incredible,” Lang told Confidential.“I love her.

With such compliments and appreciation, Camilla has been coming up with even more creative styles of wearing this wonderful piece of the outfit. Her passion for designing Kaftans has entitled her as truly an Aussie Kaftans Queen, for which she is world widely known. It was her impact, especially on the young lads that made Kaftans quite a common yet a sophisticated part of any outfit which can be teamed up with any other dress.

Now, I believe this is enough to let you know about the mania of Kaftans among Australians.

The final word-

No matter you live in a rarely accessed or remote location of any country, Kaftans are something that has made the world crazy after it. Presently, they are worn in multiple ways and manufactured using a wide variety of fabric which ultimately adds a lot to its grace and execution.