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How to Fix a Shower on Your Own

What Happens When You Shower Become Too Old And How to Fix it?

Bathroom furnishing is not just seen as a basic necessity of any home repair matter but as a bandwagon which almost everyone is following. No matter you have a swanky living area or not but your bathroom should be fresh and lively. Such conditions have made bathroom furnishing the biggest hotshot of the market.

With all such factors, witnessing bathroom repair issues like- refurbishing bathroom floor or to seal showers becomes a common thing to encounter. Apart from all the issues, shower repair and replacement is one of the commonly witnessed problems which need to be done after every 6 months. With this way, you can always ensure a better safety & reliability of all the toiletries available in your bathroom.

Why showers get old & stained?

Among all, a stinky and stained shower is one of the major reasons behind getting it changed within a year. The actual cause is the water stains which may not appear for long but can leave their impact on your shower head for long. Initially, these stains are easy to get rid of but with the pace of time, it gets harder than ever before to remove it. And then you are just left with one open of getting it replaced by a new one. Though, it is a quick & perfect solution but at the same time, it can hit hard on your pocket too.

How can a shower be repaired? 


Generally, to get a shower repaired or replaced, one needs to hire a plumber. This not just lets you ruin your hard earned money but gives a temporary solution only. If you wish to save a few bucks for yourself then fixing it with the help of some easily available tools is quite easy.

And in case, you are not familiar with the actual process of doing so, then check out this quick DIY which will let you know how easy it is to fix or replace the shower head in no time. Read, learn & experience.

  1. With the help of some useful tools, remove the shower head.
  2. Clean the desired area with a dry cotton cloth, in order to get a proper fit.
  3. Attach the brand new shower head.
  4. Fix it with nuts or a wrench properly.
  5. It’s done.

When buying the brand new shower head make sure to invest some extra bucks & get a quality product. Generally, branded shower heads come with a special coating which does not let the water droplets turn into stubborn stains & make your shower look old & dirty for always. Apart from this, don’t forget to jot down the right measurements of the shower head to buy the right product.


Bathroom maintenance is one of the major tasks to accomplish. Right from the floor furnishing to keeping the bathroom always clean, bathroom asks for 24*7 maintenance. Between such matters, keeping your hawk eye on the shower repair, replacement and cleanliness is a must. This is one of the majorly damaging bathroom equipment which needs to be repaired time to time. To get rid of it, make sure to keep shower head always clean.